Visitors, Contractors, and Event Attendees Registration

Thank you for participating in the Kohler Event COVID Safety Process! The following categories or data fields of personal data will be collected and processed to ensure Kohler Co. is providing a safe and secure workplace for its associates and business partners:

In accordance with our Privacy Policy, we only collect the minimal amount of personal data necessary as it relates to your COVID-19 Vaccination or test. We do not collect and process more than the data necessary to process your information specific to COVID-19 Vaccination records and the personal data you are providing is limited to this purpose only. Once your COVID-19 Vaccination record card has been verified, Kohler will delete the Vaccination Record Card or negative test documentation immediately.

If you wish to have your COVID-19 clearance records deleted prior to this time, please contact If you choose to delete your clearance record from Kohler Co records, any privileges requiring such clearance will be lost.

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